Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Since the first wave of invitations came out for fortnite Mobile, on March 15, 2018, One thing was very clear. The Battle Royale on mobile will be very successful and provide games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire for their money. Fortnite Mobile brings together all the same malicious features that you come to enjoy the battle royale form, to the mobile operating system. As a result, it is increasingly linking the vision that Epic Games has from the beginning, and that is to provide a true Cross-Platform and Cross-progressive cross-playing experience for everyone to enjoy. Looks like it Works.

Fortnite For Android

Since there is no official timeline for the Android Fortnite release, unfortunately, all we can say is just wait for more details. Although almost guaranteed, the release of Android will be free to play just like the IOS version. Also, there may be a reverse process similar to what we see for IOS. Once we receive an official announcement about Android Fortnite, we will soon post the details and download it here.

Download is Coming Soon 


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